meyoo crew

debs – creator

Debs x 3 300Lover of sunshine, nature and anything camper van, this northerner from the south is passionate about bringing people together.

When not looking so 70’s, Debs is occasionally seen around Brighton and Hove in a giant bird accompanied by a bee of equal size.

“There is nothing more important to me than the connections I share with others. I’m passionate about bringing people together and the possibilities that brings to peoples lives”.

AKA: event organiser, therapist, fundraiser, dancer, adventurer, friend

kelly – events crew

 Kelly 30040 something yogi who escaped the mad paced managerial world of London to the sunny climate of Brighton a number of years ago.

A passionate vegan who loves all things nature inspired whether that be in the woods & countryside or down by the sea, but can equally feel at home supping a lovely beverage with friends or dancing the night away with some loud music.

“Helping people is a natural born instinct for me. Working at Meyoo I can make a difference by helping people find the friends & loved ones that they are looking for”

AKA: retail expert, music fan, friend & listener

sara – events crew

Sara 300

Passionate about cooking, canapes and all things foodie.

A lover of life, family and people I also love to create and enjoy the outdoor life.

AKA: Creator of Camper Canapes, baker, fun lover, friend

zain – web

Zain 300

A veteran of Web Development, Zain brings over 15 years worth of professional web experience to the Meyoo team.

Regularly found enjoying 3 minute close embraces, while passionately dancing the tango in the Brighton and Hove area.

“The goals of web development and conversational therapy are actually the same – they both aim to find the most appropriate solution to a specific problem.”

AKA: web developer, tango beginner, conversational therapist, cheeky, playful, present

kevin – videographer

Kevin 300Lover of transformation, mainly my own, I love to help others wake up to life’s possibilities.

When not in the gym I can be found around town sipping a fair trade tea with soya milk and chancing my luck by asking for a free refill.

“What’s important to me is treading as gently as possible on the planet, each other and loving my and everyone else’s imperfection!”

rodney – photographer

Rodney 300

A pleasant enigma, Rodney is a multi-skilled photographer with prestigious work to his credit.

Always understated, never brash or over confident, reasonably well read and full of surprises. A continuously creative person, alway planning or writing something. With his own individual style, positive approach to life at worst he’s a quintessential gentleman. At best he’s the person you’d want in your corner when things aren’t going right.

A.K.A writer, camera man