Truly Not an Ordinary Pub Quiz!

I think I may have found my favorite singles event of all time! I mean if you (a-hem, if “I”), want to be dating again, then the first step is meeting people and doing some things out of the ordinary! Which Meyoo’s pub quiz truly is.

pub-quizThere was one at The Forager’s Pub in Hove in September. I went alone and when I walked in and I was instantly greeted by two lovely smiling ladies, Debs who runs Meyoo and her very fun assistant, Sara. They told me to feel free to get a drink and join another female team mate at the table in front of the bar (that was convenient!) There were about seven tables, each with two men (who were one team) and two women (who were a different team). How it works is that the two teams collaborate (and flirt) during a round of  questions. After each round and lots of giggles, Victoria and I said goodbye to our “gentlemen callers” and they moved on to the next table.

Some of the questions had obvious answers. For example, “What’s the name of the game from the sixties where the players get tangled up trying to put their feet or hands on circles in primary colors on a mat placed on the ground.” Twister, of course! But some questions needed high levels of trivia study such a how many gold medals did Team GB win in the Olympics in Rio? (27). There was a music round where they played bits of songs (the first was the theme from Top Gun! Lots of blasts from the past), and we had to guess the name and artist. They even had someone from each table come up to do imitations of Rowley Birkin QC from the Fast Show where each contestant tried their hand at staggering a bit, making unintelligible conversation and ending with “I’m afraid I was very, very drunk”. The performances were so good that a three-way tie was awarded.

One round was like a Charades games. The hosts acted things out and we would guess the film or characterMeyoo fun 250 or what-have-you.  At one point, Debs and Sarah wanted us to guess an expression and they were running and laughing all over the pub while shooting plastic play guns. My table was positive the answer was “shooting blanks”, but we were wrong. It was “trigger happy” and indeed Debs and Sarah were giggling the whole time so it was true that “shooting blanks” didn’t really fit.   One of the final points our table got was when I (believe it or not!) did Best Impersonation of Donald Trump which was lots of fun to do and I got kidded about it the rest of the night.

Our team didn’t get anywhere near winning (the top team’s players went home with bottles of wine and prosecco), but we stayed on for quite a while even after the event was over, laughing and telling stories.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t feel comfortable going to parties and striking up a conversation, then No Ordinary Pub Quiz is for you! You meet people in such an amusing environment and the Quiz is so quirky and entertaining that you get someone’s number just as a natural result of having a good time!

by The Devine Ms T

Tickets via Eventbrite here for Sunday 23rd October at The Foragers in Hove. Meyoo run monthly pub quizzes in Hove, Sussex.