Valentines Day – The Day of Love

Why do we celebrate love on February 14th? Valentines Day – A Brief History The origins of St Valentines Day originate with the pagan fertility festival in ancient Rome, The Feast of Lupercalia. Young men would whip girls with strips of dog or goat skin to increase their fertility before mating (thankfully it is said that […]

Speed Dating Advice, Tips & Questions

Speed Dating Advice & Tips Speed dating is now a well known, accepted and highly effective way of meeting other like minded people for friendship, dating and meeting a prospective partner. Meyoo’s Coffee & Cake Dates in Brighton & Hove combine the fun of the speed date with a more relaxed social to give you a […]

Dating Workshops with Gary Gunn of Social Attraction, Brighton

Dating Workshops with Gary Gunn of Social Attraction, Brighton Take Positive steps to make your dating experience one that leads to love and relationship in 2014 The world of dating is changing dramatically – the number of internet dating sites is growing fast, new dating apps are saying hello, singles events are becoming more popular. […]

Speed Dating Events in Brighton & Hove – How to Choose?

Speed Dating events are becoming more popular as an effective way to meet other singles for friendship and romance in Sussex   Brighton and Hove has seen a huge increase in the number of companies offering speed date style events over the last year. Most of the large national speed dating companies such as Slowdating, […]