know your attachment style when dating

If you are looking for a new relationship or dating, knowing your attachment style can be invaluable Having read a fair number of blogs and articles on dating and relationships we were surprised to find so little on ‘attachment’ and how this plays out in relationships. Knowing our own ‘attachment style’ when embarking on a new […]

Singles Social Events

Attending a singles social event in Brighton is a great way for singles to socialise and meet like-minded people – and maybe find the special connection that you have been looking for. One of the great things about singles events in Brighton is that everyone there is available. As we have all experienced it can sometimes be tricky to gauge […]

Singles Events and Dating in Brighton

Singles events in Brighton and other social events are the perfect opportunity for single people who are looking to meet that special someone. Singles events are attended by people who are largely tired of the traditional dating scene and wish to meet others in a more natural setting. Meyoo singles events in Brighton and Sussex provide […]

Make Love Your Goal this World Cup

Don’t miss a match – make love your goal with dating & singles events in Brighton If you’re looking for summer love, live near to Brighton, but don’t want to miss ‘a match’, Meyoo have dating and singles events to suit every game plan. If you are single and looking for romance now’s the time […]

Valentines Day Fun Facts

Valentines Day Fun Facts Messages of love, lots of saints and more excuses to eat chocolate Here’s our favorite fun facts for yoo to play with on the day of love   More teachers receive Valentines from their pupils than are exchanged between lovers. Pets receive them too! In terms of card giving, Valentines is […]