how to get the best photo for internet dating

Thousands of people in Brighton and Hove are looking for romance and either internet dating or thinking about it

Debs 4 BW 375It’s essential to have an internet dating profile that not only stands out, but more importantly portrays you for who you are (as in really who are). With everything being online and visual choosing the right photos for an internet dating site, one’s that represent the various aspects of you, will go a long way in attracting your soul mate.

Firstly it’s important to check out the best internet dating sites in Sussex and find one that matches your interests and the sort of person that you are looking to meet.

Writing an internet dating profile that’s honest will help you attract people you are more likely to have things in common with and share a similar outlook on life. Internet dating has become known for those little, or larger, white lies – such as knocking a few years off and using pictures that we like of ourselves … from 5 or more years ago!

Internet dating aside, we reckon that everyone should have a recent photo that they like of themselves, it does wonders for self esteem, and with a helping hand from a professional photographer it’s possible for everyone.

We asked Meyoo photograher Rodney Beckford what he thought about profile pictures for internet dating for his top tips for getting the most out of your profile pictures for attracting a good match.

“A lot of great photographers say lots about how to take a great portraits. How to stand, what to where, where to look, should they smile should they not. For me the work and shots I like the most, capture a person in between those posed formal moments within a shoot, the honest unguarded sincere moments of laughter joy or thoughtful ness, when the sitter thinks the photographer isn’t watching. These shots for me capture a person sense, personality, spirit and essence. You should be able to look at the picture and imagine that persons personality, and not be too far from the truth.”

tip 1

Use a selection of pictures to represent who you are. This might include pictures of you out and about in your home town and your favorite places, doing the things that you love and interest you, as well as a natural portrait or two of yourself.

tip 2

Keep them recent. No one appreciates lies, and using very old pictures that no longer resemble what we look like is bending the truth.

tip 3

Think about what you might use your shots for. Take time to think about what to wear. Wear something you think you look good in. Avoid over sized clothes or large logo embossed clothing. Take your time to get a hair cut and make up just right.

tip 4

Practice your pose. In a full length mirror try a few poses before hand so get an idea what works for you.

tip 5

Smile at the camera and don’t pull faces. Look directly at the lens and smile naturally, anything forced can make you look … constipated.

tip 6

Get some one who knows what they’re doing. There are so many photographers locally, that doesn’t make them a portrait photographer.

tip 7

Once you’ve got the images see which ones you like and show them around, canvas opinion on which one’s are best. You may not be the best judge.

And a couple of tips from us. Avoid pictures with ex partners and please … no selfies!

If you’re thinking about internet dating, or would simply like a photo you love of yourself, Rodney will be taking pics at the forthcoming Meyoo Autumn Party for singles on Saturday 10th September 2016 at Verano Lounge, Brighton. You can also contact Rodney to schedule a personal shoot!


Rodney 250Rodney Beckford is an a pleasant enigma, charming, witty, and a generous spirit. A multi-skilled photographer and video camera man with prestigious work to his credit (but you’ll have to push him hard for him to tell you about it).

Understated yet confident, we love Rodney’s individual style and continuously creative approach … and his collection of dapper colorful waistcoats!

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